Marine Walls by LOC-A-BLOC

The LOC-A-BLOC 600 Series and 1800 Series blocks are used for marine applications.  They are by far the strongest and most superior block systems around, specifically designed for use with marine situations.  Our marine walls are constructed with 40 mpa concrete for maximum strength and longevity in this environment.

Constructing a marine wall is the best guarantee against controlling erosion on both coastal locations and river banks, and of course the ever changing sea levels.  Another use is to construct levy banks for the control of flooding, rising water levels, basin, lakes and all other marine situations. Contact us for further information.


About Us

LOC-A-BLOC is a retaining wall construction system which was designed for Australian conditions. 

The original LOC-A-BLOC concept was designed in the 1990’s, with the main reason being to design a retaining wall system specifically for use in marine applications.



Contact us for your next Retaining Wall solution. LOC-A-BLOC is Australian owned, designed and made. We can assist you with all aspects of your next residental and/or commercial project.

We have offices in Sydney and Newcastle.

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